Camden 2570

Go local first, Camden


Our Camden community is unique, and our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of our distinctive character. The vast majority of Camden's retail shops and services are locally and independently owned. Locally controlled businesses are vital to the economy of Camden as owners are more likely to spend money locally. 

Compare this to corporate chain stores where the bulk of revenue earned is sent back to head office out of town. Buying at locally owned stores employs the local multiplier effect. Chain stores typically reinvest 15 cents in the dollar back into the local township, whereas locally and independently owned businesses typically reinvest 45 cents in the dollar. If everyone shops locally, this local multiplier effect turns those purchases into big bucks for our local economy, as the money circulates locally several times over.

Consumers are extremely powerful in their purchasing choices. Markets can't help but react to consumer habits and choices. 

Have you considered the effects of where you make your purchases and how that purchase shapes Camden?

  1. Dollars you spend locally support important public services in our town. Independent businesses are more likely to sponsor local sporting teams and fund local events.
  2. Local merchants care about and invest in our community. They frequently donate part of your dollars back to local groups and charities. 
  3. Your local purchases support local jobs. With increased growth in an independent local business, the more likely it is that a new position opens up. They're also likely to utilise local accountants, solicitors, real estate agents, sign makers, insurance brokers, etc.
  4. When you shop at one local merchant, you're supporting a whole host of other business. Banks, restaurants, cafes, and other business cluster around our local retailers.  
  5. You can grow a relationship with your local merchants. They can get to know you, and cater to your preferences, "The usual today, mate, or are you going to try my new one?"
  6. Your purchases help the town attract new entrepreneurs and skilled workers. Towns that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character are more successful in recruiting. 
  7. The public spaces around our local shops create key environments for supporting casual relationships that contribute to a cohesive community. It's always great to run into people we know and tee up the next catch-up date.
  8. You save money by shopping close to home. You drive less, save time, and you'd be surprised at the great value on offer in our unique retail stores and specialist service industries. 
  9. You can reduce your environmental impact by cutting out frequent trips to nearby suburbs or long drives to the city. Local independent businesses create a lighter environmental footprint on many fronts: they use less land; generate less traffic; and make fewer infrastructure demands. 
  10. Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions. These merchants understand their local impact and often take actions that benefit the community as a whole.