March Meeting, Amanda ROSE Western Sydney Women

March Meeting, Amanda ROSE Western Sydney Women

March Meeting, Amanda ROSE Western Sydney WomenMarch Meeting, Amanda ROSE Western Sydney WomenMarch Meeting, Amanda ROSE Western Sydney Women

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There are many benefits to being a member of Camden Chamber. Surrounding yourself with other local business owners and entrepreneurs is beneficial to your success. Your degree of involvement determines how these benefits are utilised in your business.



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Book Prize


Sam Trattles - founder - 'Other Side of the Table'


Author and strategist, Sam Trattles is a Commercial Deals Negotiator who has closed upwards of $450M in deals across sport, music, the arts, philanthropy and grass roots programs. 


WIN a signed copy of Sam's fantastic book I LOVE NEGOTIATING - send an email to with your name and contact details for this fantastic prize!

What it's all about


Your Local Chamber

 The Camden Chamber of Commerce, Tourism & Industry is a non-profit organisation comprised of business and professional people who are committed to improving the economic environment and social life of our community. The Chamber participates in joint activities with other Chambers and groups to promote business and tourism in the area, as well as identifying areas of opportunity and improvement. Improving economic environment relies on more than purely business to business interactions; the Camden Chamber recognises there are myriad economic multiplier effects from engaging with all area stakeholders. This is a time of great growth and change in the area, bringing with it the prospect to build upon our area’s many talents, resources, and opportunities. 


Meet the Business Community

 The Chamber has many members reflecting the diversity of service, industry and retail provision within Camden and its surrounds. General meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every second month, where members, guests and the general public are welcome. Our general meetings have a casual ambience whilst being both educational and social – we endeavour to provide information on requirements for successful business, as well  the bigger picture of opportunity in a growing and developing area. The Camden Chamber of Commerce is a member of the NSW Business Chamber allowing members direct access to additional benefits beyond belonging to the local Chamber. 


Meet the Marketplace and Promote

Networking with other local entrepreneurs and managers can provide a wealth of information and business support. Discuss concepts or ideas and ask questions about the experience of other locals. Get referrals to mentors or find collaborative people within the community. 

Advertising and promoting goods and services to niche local people gives great feedback on the wider market response. Secure a Chamber of Commerce advertising or sponsorship package to build brand awareness and promote your goods and services.