I am an active, involved member
  • Because I feel a sense of personal obligation to improve the quality of life in the community which I live.
  • Because the Chamber of Commerce unifies the public spirit of my community and directs it into useful and constructive channels that are not limited to business.
  • Because I have a business at stake in the community, which can be best safeguarded by working with others throughout the Chamber of Commerce to protect and advance all businesses.
  • Because through the Chamber of Commerce I can best discharge my obligations to this community in which I live and earn my living. I realize that every person owes a debt to the community that cannot be paid in taxes – a debt of personal service.
  • Because an active membership in my Chamber of Commerce carries with it a sense of accomplishment and inner satisfaction for the knowledge that I am doing my share of an important job.
  • Because the Chamber of Commerce carries the reputation of being a leader of business integrity in my community, and my affiliation lends my business credibility.
  • Because the Chamber of Commerce requires financial support in order to perform its job of increasing the economic prosperity of the area which it serves.
  • Because when business thrives, Camden thrives

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