10 things you can do to maximise your membership

  1. Be present at each business meeting and don’t forget to ignore your phone for the evening if possible. Introduce yourself to a new person at each business meeting. Seat yourself away from mates so you can network with others.
  2. Have your business cards ready to hand out – even if it’s only for a lucky door prize.
  3. Update your listing on our website. Write your own advertisement and send us the details.
  4. Promote Chamber to other people. After all, the more the merrier and there’s strength in numbers.
  5. Most of us respond to positive people. If something hasn’t gone well, talk directly to the person involved. Most things can be resolved with constructive communication. Give helpful feedback.
  6. Promote your business via sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
  7. Offer other members a discount on products or services. Your customer base may expand.
  8. Listen to other members’ experiences and how they handled it. One day, it could be you.
  9. Get involved with the Committee or sub-committees. There’s always plenty to do and it’s a great way to get to know more people around town and outside your usual social group.
  10. Share your knowledge, advice and experience with an online blog for our website.