5 reasons to bring your business to Camden

Whether you’re starting a new business or seeking to relocate your existing enterprise, there are plenty of reasons to consider making Camden your professional home base. Here are just a few of them:

An active economy

The south-west growth corridor is seeing unprecedented growth and rapidly expanding. The insertion of a second Sydney airport will further stimulate the local economy and increase an already active economy. Camden town centre is a vibrant and diverse deliverer of quality retail and professional services.

An affluent population

Camden residents have the disposable income to shop locally, eat out frequently, and purchase merchandise and services to enhance their rural-urban lifestyle.

An entrepreneurial spirit

An innovative spirit can be found across industries in Camden, from hospitality to healthcare to tech solutions. The traditional town centre supports entrepreneurial endeavours and start-ups, as well as hosting vibrant and diverse existing businesses. Regionally co-located with multiple universities and research institutions increases the locational advantage of being in Camden town centre.

A networking culture

One of the greatest advantages of a small town is that everyone knows everyone else – or knows someone who knows them. That’s pure gold when it comes to starting or building your business. You’re surrounded by knowledgeable, savvy, creative, helpful folks.

Location, location, location

The location where you base your business is part of your brand. Don’t think it doesn’t matter.